I a n n a . A n d r é a d i s

Born in Athens in 1960, lives in France since 1978
1978-1983 Studied art ,painting and lithography, in the National School of Fine Arts in Paris

1986-90 Travelled throughout East Africa with the publisher Franck Bordas, making many drawings and paintings inspired by these trips.
Peintures d'Afrique and Kilimandjaro

1989-90 Studied prehistory in the Institute of Art and Archaeology, took part in excavations and surveys in the south of France (Vallée des Merveilles). Visited the prehistoric sites and caves in the Dordogne

1993-94 Travelled in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa. New series of landscapes. Realized many lithographic limited edition albums, with Franck Bordas, Peintures des déserts de Namibie.

1995 Her first son, Fernand was born

1996-98 A series of paintings of the sea tableaux des Mers.

1997 Birth of Pierre-Takis
Published a series of art books in African wax textile for children; meets Elisabeth Lortic and the “trois ourses”, who work with artists creating books for children

1998-99 Travelled in Morocco, série de Marrakech.

2000 Whilst still painting, she embarked on diverse photo and book projects

2001 Travelled in California paysages américains.

2002 Published a digital photo project about construction cranes
Published "Couleurs nature", (éditions Seuil jeunesse)

2003 Created paintings on the theatrical costumes for the play , “Titus Andronicus”, directed by Simon Abkarian, presented in Chaillot national theatre
Embarked upon a long term photo project for a book, taking photos at regular intervals of every stage in the construction of the Quai Branly Museum designed by Jean Nouvel

2004 Carried out an international participative digital photo project, “The Wolrd Around a Flame/ Olympic Truce 2004 “exhibited in Athens during the Olympic Games
Meets Peggy Espinosa, publisher of Petra Ediciones, published Dias Tonaltin

2005 Created “Cosmopolis / Ivry-sur Seine” a series of portraits of people of different origins living in Ivry-sur-Seine, shown in Rhodes / Greece in a group exhibition “Meteques”/ Foreigners.

2006 Exhibition "Montagne Ste Victiore", paintings at the Galerie Samy Kinge, Paris Montagnes Sainte-Victoire.
Her book Dias Tonaltin, published by Petra Ediciones, Mexico, wins the "new horizons" prize in the Bologna Book Fair
Published Cactus (Petra ediciones, Mexico).
and Chantier ouvert au public, (Éditions du Panama et du Musée du quai Branly).

2007 Published Une Année en forêt, with Franck Bordas, (Éditions du Panama) and Cosmopolis / Ivry sur Seine , Panama with her publisher Brigitte Morel.
Travelled in Mexico to realise her book, Bestiaire aztèque.
Organised an exhibition about “The night life of trees “ a book by Bhajju Shyam, Durga Bai et Ram Singh Urveti, Tara publishing, India at les Trois Ourses, Paris

2008 Published Bestiaire aztèque, in France and Mexico, a coedition with musée du quai Branly and Petra ediciones, A new collection of books about the art pieces from the museum.
Paintings paysages grecs

2009 Series of photos, Ivry ET la Seine
Realised drawings for the book L’aile bleue des contes : l’oiseau
by Fabienne Raphoz, éditions José Corti.
Travelled in South Africa.
Works for the her book SSSS Snake Art and Allegory, with Gita Wolf published by Tara publishing and musée du quai Branly.
Travels to India in search of snakestones and to visit her publisher - Tara Books - follow the screen-printing of Manasa.

2010 Co-Curator with Marie-Cecile Miessner of Gilles Aillaud's exhibition: Encyclopédie de tous les Animaux y Compris les Minéraux in the National Library of France (BnF).
Exhibits a series of landscapes at the Arts Centre in Meudon.
Transfers her working studio to La Ruche.
Travels to Yucatan in Mexico and visits the Maya sites.
Participates in “Languages d’un Jour,” a creative event of the composer Nicolas Frize, at the MAC VAL Museum in Vitry.
Produces an album of photos, in-folio, published by Franck Bordas and presented in the Artistbook International Fair in Centre Pompidou

Shares her time between paintings, photos and book projects

Chennai, 2009

Marina Beach, Chenai 2009

Printing Manasa in Chenai

Manasa/ Snake Art and Allegory
Tara Books & Musée du Quai Branly (édit)

View of the exhibition at galerie Samy Kinge, 2010

Solo Exhibitions :

Contemporary Landscapes (exhibition with Yves Levëque) Centre d’Art de Meudon
Peintures et dessins
, galerie Samy Kinge, (décembre 2009)
Ivry et la Seine - Cosmopolis / Ivry-sur-Seine, Médiathèque d’Ivry  (juin-août) 
Une Année en forêt, arbres et rochers de Fontainebleau
(avec Franck Bordas), (juin-sept), Médiathèque de Melun
Cosmopolis / Ivry-sur-Seine
Espace Gérard Philippe , Ivry
Une année en forêt, médiathèque d’Orly
Chantier ouvert au public, photographies, Studio Franck Bordas
Montagne Sainte Victoire, Galerie Samy Kinge, Paris
Peintures, Galerie Samy Kinge, Paris
Journal de Marrakech , Atelier Bordas, Paris
Bleu de mer, blanc d'albâtre, Maison Henri IV, Saint-Valéry-en-Caux
La mer à Varengeville, Sérifos & ailleurs..., Galerie Samy Kinge, Paris
Désert du Namib, Galerie Samy Kinge, Paris
Terre d'ombre brûlée, Galerie Franck Bordas, Paris
Wild Crayons, Belle-île-en-Mer
Biennale du Livre d'artiste, Uzerche
Afrique, Galerie Polyplano , Athènes (catalogue)
Lune, ciels & galaxies, Galerie F , Athènes

Group Shows :

Architectures de la culture/Culture de l’architecture
, Ministère de la culture, Paris (extérieur)

Livres d’artistes, les 20 ans des trois Ourses
, bibliothèque francophone de Limoges

Artist studios, la Ruche

L'Aile bleue des contes : l'oiseau
by Fabienne Raphoz (Corti ed.)

, (commissaire Dominique Aris), galerie Frédéric Moisan, Paris
Salon Paris Photo, Studio Bordas
, "Cosmopolis",Rhodes
Imprimés, à la Galerie de l'École des Beaux-Arts de Rouen
Athina by Art "Trêve olympique, le monde autour d'une flamme", Athènes
"Cabanes d'artistes", Festival Arborescences, RD10,
"Voyages d'artistes, Algérie 2003" Espace Electra Paris
Paris Photo, stand Bordas
Mehr Licht !, Ivry & Galerie Brennabor, Brandenburg an der Havel
10 Artistes grecques, Maison de l’Europe, Paris
Le Bestiaire, exposition à l'Hotel de Ville de Aulnay-sous-Bois
Tirages Numériques, photographie, FIAC, Bordas
Falaises, Maison Henri IV, St Valéry-en-Caux
Foire du Livre de Jeunesse de Bologne, Stand des Trois Ourses
Palmiers d'artistes, Serres d'Auteuil
Éclipses, Maison Henri IV, Saint-Valéry-en-Caux
Salon SAGA, éditions Franck Bordas/Les Trois Ourses, Paris
La Collection Novotel, Fondation Paul Ricard, Paris.
Librairie Nicaise, exposition les Trois Ourses, Paris
Livres en tissus, livres d'artistes, Bibliothèque de Pantin
Galerie Néès Morphès, Athènes (catalogue).
Artistbook International, New York.
Novembre à Vitry.
Galerie Ileana Tounta, Athènes .
Galerie Les Ateliers, Paris.
Maison de la Grèce , Paris.
Artistes Grecs contemporains, Moscou.
Galerie Aiolos, "Pour l'année Européenne de l'Environnement", Athènes
Chapelle de la Sorbonne, "Sélection pour le prix Fénéon", Paris.
Maison de la Culture, Bourges.
Salon Jeune Peinture-Jeune Expression, Paris.
Galerie Sculptures, Paris.
Coliseum, "Jeunes Artistes Européens", New York.
Château de Puyghilhem , Vilars.
Espace Avant-Première , Paris.

Installation of Gilles Aillaud's exhibition
at BnF (May 2010)

Ek Balam, Yucatan, Mexico, 2010

in folio, Ginko / Birds of India